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Posted By Jake on Jan 15, 2019 | 0 comments

I am delighted  Blackpool’s Fairtrade status has been renewed. As a Town we have worked very hard to ensure our Fairness values go beyond our Fylde Coast borders. Fairtrade represents our commitment to ensure that every person who is responsible for providing the food eat, the tea and coffee we drink, the clothes we wear and the footballs we kick, are treated with respect.

Why shouldn’t someone who lives and works in another country, be offered the same working conditions as someone here in Blackpool, covered by systems that ensures they are treated with dignity and paid a decent wage. Fairtrade is about supporting people who supply our goods.

We know we still have some actions to make Blackpool an even better Fairtrade Town and we are working together, as a community, to put the Town on the world map as a centre of Fairtrade and sustainable excellence.

This is why I am committed to offering my full support to ask key stakeholders in the Town to support to support Fairtrade and make a conscious effort to buy Fairtrade.

By Debbie Terras, Chair of the Fairtrade Forum.

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